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By Thomas Heath

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This vintage paintings lines Aristarchus of Samos's anticipation through millennia of Copernicus's innovative conception of the orbital movement of the earth. Heath's heritage of astronomy levels from Homer and Hesiod to Aristarchus and contains rates from a number of thinkers, compilers, and scholasticists from Thales and Anaximander via Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, and Heraclides. 34 figures.

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48 Neuhäuser 49 holds that it is not spatial motion at all, but motion in another of the four Aristotelian senses, namely generation, which takes the form of the ‘separating-out of opposites’, condensation and rarefaction incidentally playing a part in the process. 62 As regards the motion by which the actual condition of the world was brought about (the earth in the centre in the form of a flat cylinder, the sun, moon, and stars at different distances from the earth, and the heavenly bodies revolving about the axis of the universe), Neuhäuser 50 maintains that it was the motion of a vortex such as was assumed by Anaxagoras, the earth being formed in the centre by virtue of the tendency of the heaviest of the things whirled round in a vortex to collect in the centre.

74. 48 12 Other references are as follows: Cicero, De Divinatione i. 49. H. ii, c. ’; Eusebius, Chron. ), under year of Abraham 1433, ‘An eclipse of the sun, the occurrence of which Thales had predicted : a battle between Alyattes and Astyages’. The eclipse so foretold is now most generally taken to be that which took place on the (Julian) 28th May, 585. A difficulty formerly felt in regard to this date seems now to have been removed. Herodotus (followed by Clement) says that the eclipse took place during a battle between Alyattes and Cyaxares.

18, 402 F (Vors. i2, pp. 3. 12; 11. 7, 13). 57 Diels, Vors. ii. 12, p. 652; cf. pp. 499, 502. ), son of Praxiades, was a fellow citizen of Thales, with whom he was doubtless associated as a friend if not as a pupil. A remarkably original thinker, Anaximander may be regarded as the father or founder of Greek, and therefore of western, philosophy. He was the first Greek philosopher, so far as is known, who ventured to put forward his views in a formal written treatise. 1, 2 though possibly that title was given to it, not by Anaximander himself, but only by later writers.

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