Eduard A. Tropp, Viktor Ya. Frenkel, Artur D. Chernin's Alexander A Friedmann: The Man who Made the Universe Expand PDF

By Eduard A. Tropp, Viktor Ya. Frenkel, Artur D. Chernin

ISBN-10: 0521384702

ISBN-13: 9780521384704

Our universe may be defined mathematically through an easy version built in 1922 at Petrograd (St. Petersburg) by way of Alexander Friedmann (1888-1925). with no the good thing about observational proof, Friedmann estimated that the total universe might extend and evolve with time. This stunning prediction was once proven seven years later through Edwin Hubble. Its originator, regrettably didn't reside to take pleasure in this triumph. This vibrant biography of a good scientist units his existence and paintings opposed to a large backdrop of the background of cosmological experiences and its significant avid gamers, reminiscent of Einstein and others. The booklet is a window on Friedmann's tuition and collage years, army carrier, and educating and learn in the course of a seminal interval of Soviet heritage. The authors comprise detailed archival fabric, equivalent to Friedmann's letters from the Russian entrance, in addition to modern files and memories of associates. there's a special remedy of his paintings in theoretical cosmology (1922-1924), set within the context of the association of Soviet technological know-how on the time.

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Passion for science - that was natural, but what Doinikova said - that Friedmann was a very lively and witty partner in conversation, in fact liked to play the fool, and made it seem charming and funny - was somewhat unexpected. As Valentina Doinikova recalls, in his university years Friedmann was particularly fond of Borel's theory of sets, Jordan's Cours d'Analyse (in three volumes) and Goursat. He revered V. A. Steklov, spoke about A. A. Markov with some comic awe, and highly esteemed Ya. V.

We have seen already how ardent the students' meetings in the school were, how radically political issues and those concerning the students' life were formulated. How does this square with those parts of Friedmann's and Tamarkin's matriculation certificates and their schoolmates' certificates, which say that "during their school years their conduct was generally excellent"? e. prior to the students' assessment, raised the question of assessing the future university applicants' conduct in their matriculation certificates.

Krylov, L. A. Chugaev, A. A. Markov - and their wives); and who visited him and his wife Olga Nikolaevna Steklova. There were unplanned visits during the day, too. Steklov received, apparently having to interrupt his work, anybody who came to visit him. 30 (in the morning), the temperature is this, the atmospheric pressure is that, the weather is such and such. One can use Steklov's diaries to study a whole epoch - and what an epoch it was! War, revolution, post-revolutionary years. The description of world events is next to everyday issues, indications of food prices, etc.

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