New PDF release: Ad Infinitum: New Essays on Epistemological Infinitism

By John Turri, Peter D. Klein

ISBN-10: 0199609594

ISBN-13: 9780199609598

Infinitism is an old view in epistemology concerning the constitution of information and epistemic justification, in keeping with which there are not any foundational purposes for trust. The view hasn't ever been well known, and is frequently linked to skepticism, yet after languishing for hundreds of years it has lately all started a resurgence. Ad Infinitum provides new paintings at the subject through prime epistemologists. They shed new gentle on infinitism's unique strengths and weaknesses, and tackle questions, new and previous, approximately its account of justification, reasoning, epistemic accountability, confrontation, and belief, between different vital concerns. the amount clarifies the connection among infinitism and different epistemological perspectives, resembling skepticism, coherentism, foundationalism and contextualism, and it deals novel views at the metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics of regresses and purposes.

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5 A helpful way to view both of these arguments is to consider this inconsistent set of claims: The Inconsistent Set: {~PB, ~UF, ~IR, ~CR, ~RS}. Other similar arguments could be formulated with T3 as a starting point. In short, what we have here is a classic example of a philosophical puzzle: each member of an inconsistent set of claims has at least some initial plausibility to it, and so we Page 4 of 20 Klein and the Regress Argument are forced, it seems, to reject at least one seemingly plausible claim.

I will develop this line of argument shortly. Something like the following helps with avoiding arbitrary regresses: EI-2: Only infinite chains of reasons that integrate standing non-inferential input can confer justification. You don’t, the objection might go, solve an ought-implies-can problem by adding more oughts. Subjects that have done or can do that better or more completely than others have greater cognitive command of those issues. And so, the connection between epistemic infinitism and the aspiration of cognitive command can be rendered: Page 15 of 19 Knowing Better, Cognitive Command, and Epistemic Infinitism EI-3: A subject can have complete cognitive command of an issue only if that subject has an infinite chain of reasons that integrates standing non-inferential input regarding the issue.

Instead of having command of the issue, he, as it were, has commanded it. And sometimes, it even seems appropriate for people not only to stick to their guns, but to positively go down with the ship—to defend positions deemed refuted, if only so that the very best versions of views, in the end, are those taken to be false. 29) responses to the going critical questions, but being able to follow, or even better, direct, further critical discussion on the issue. What follows is a brief rebuttal to the case against gradability.

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