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In his speeded up Reclamation of Alkaline Argillaceous Soils of Azerbaijan, Professor Mukhtar Abduyev describes the tackling of a original challenge which had huge, immense implications for Azerbaijan's safeguard of nutrition provide. the duty was once to discover extra effective equipment of reclaiming the saline soils that coated greater than 60% of the republic's lowlands - a few 2.5 million hectares have been immune to development. latest equipment of reclamation concerned huge quantities of water for leaching and the development of in depth drainage structures; those tools might soak up to ten years to turn into potent. Prof. Abduyev normally followed a pragmatic medical technique, studying quite a few equipment of salt removing and their impression on soils and the vegetation to be grown in them. He used to be additionally a hugely revered instructor and used to be without delay focused on box investigations, while offering management and helpful hands-on event for graduate scholars and study staff. Prof....

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In addition, these regions are interesting from the standpoint of nature and also reclamation. As is known, reclamation of saline soils is one of the major factors in agriculture intensification. Salinization in the soil and the ground waters of the Azerbaijan lowlands greatly impedes the development of irrigation, and the development and reclamation of the land there. Calculations indicate that soils in need of radical reclamation in Azerbaijan amount to more than 60% of the lowlands of the republic.

Subsequently in the feeding of further portions of leaching water, by force of presence in the initial composition and being developed in the leaching of the alkalinity of the soil, the soil becomes appreciably swollen, filtration of water and leaching of salts discontinue, and restoration of salinization takes place (other than the displacement of salts in evaporation of capillary-suspended moisture) due to the salt diffusion process. R. Abduyev, 1962) demonstrate that the main reason for the decrease in the quantity of leached salts under low coefficients of filtration is the diffusion of salts against the water flow direction.

A great difference in the salt content is noted both in the salt leaching layer and the desalinized upper layer. 2%, and in the corresponding layer of the border zone part it is 1-2%. The quantity of salts in the maximum content layer of the upper zone of the plains nearly corresponds to the salt content in the so-called desalinized layer of the border strip zone. As for the salt composition, the diluvial soils are rich with sodium salts in nearly all parts of the plains; with hydrogen carbonate content [sic] of salts in the upper zone, sulfate content in the medium zone, and chloride content in the border strip zone.

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