Richard Green Parker A.M., David Grant Stewart Sr.'s A School Compendium of Natural and Experimental Philosophy PDF

By Richard Green Parker A.M., David Grant Stewart Sr.

The physics textbook that taught of the best geniuses of our time, Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford. Ford stated it contained the entire details recognized in regards to the topic on the time.

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Nt, because it is a fundamental law, not only in Mechanics, but also in Pyro:iomics, Acoustics and Optics. in many t It is from a knowledge of these facts that skill is acquired A ball may also, on different sorts of games, as Billiards, Bagatelle,

Are Uniform,Accelerated and jRe- , MECHANICS. 45 A ball struck by a bat, or a stone thrown from the hand, is an instance of uniform motion and if the attraction of gravity and the resistance of the air could be suspended, it would proceed onward in a straight line, with a uniform motion, forever. But as the resistance of the air and gravity both tend to deflect it, it in fact becomes first an instance of retarded, and then of accel151. in theory ; erated motion. 152. stone, or any other body, falling from a height, is an instance of accelerated motion.

J 159. Boats are also propelled by oars on the same principle, and the oars are lifted out of the water, after every stroke, so as com pletely to prevent any reaction in a backward direction. ^How may motion be caused? 160. Motion . reaction. Incident, and may be caused When caused by ^ TT1 when caused by i , reaction either .. action it is action ox by ... -MI it is callecf called Reflected Motion. * Figs. 6 and 7, as has been explained, show the effect of action ancr reaction in elastic bodies, and Fig.

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A School Compendium of Natural and Experimental Philosophy by Richard Green Parker A.M., David Grant Stewart Sr.

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