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By Stewart Goetz

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Content material:
Chapter 1 The Soul in Greek suggestion (pages 6–29):
Chapter 2 The Soul in Medieval Christian suggestion (pages 30–64):
Chapter three The Soul in Continental proposal (pages 65–104):
Chapter four The Soul in Locke, Butler, Reid, Hume, and Kant (pages 105–130):
Chapter five the matter of Soul–Body Causal interplay (pages 131–151):
Chapter 6 The Soul and modern technology (pages 152–181):
Chapter 7 modern demanding situations to the Soul (pages 182–201):
Chapter eight concepts at the way forward for the Soul (pages 202–215):

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G. g. pain) at that location. g. a finger) then the soul in its entirety would simultaneously experience pain at both locations. If the soul were spread out in space by local diffusion, one part of it occupying one area of space and another part occupying a different area, then one part of the soul would experience one pain and another part a different pain, but neither of the parts would experience the other’s pain. However, this is not as things are. One and the same entity (the soul) is experiencing both pains, which leads Augustine to maintain that the soul in its entirety is simultaneously present at both locations.

How is it that this one soul is united with its body? 56). Can a human soul be united to its body by way of bodily contact? ). There is, however, a different kind of contact than that which occurs at bodily extremities. It is a contact of, or by, power that relates a mover to that which it moves. Although Aquinas affirms that a soul has and exercises its power to move its body, he rejects Plato’s appeal to this kind of unifying contact to explain the unqualified unity of the soul–body composite.

After all, he points out, from the Freudian perspective even unconscious beliefs and desires must somehow be directly available to the thinking soul. Thus, while we might at first disavow having a certain desire, if we genuinely have it, it must be possible for us at some point to become aware of it and to admit that it is ours in light of the soul’s full presence to itself. In short, the Freudian idea of a partially unconscious mind can be made compatible with Augustine’s view that the mind is fully present to itself.

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